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OnlyFans models living in Los Angeles are pulling in millions of dollars annually and spending cash on lavish restaurants, exclusive gym memberships, Michelin Star restaurants and more.

Casey Boonstra, 30, initially turned to OnlyFans after losing her job as a television host during the COVID-19 pandemic. Struggling to pay her bills and being required to work in her O-1 visa category of modeling, she jumped on the platform.

Even without showing nudity on her account, Boonstra said the money she made as a TV host did not compare to what she makes online. She recalls splurging on a Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet after first finding success, an accessory that retails at $4,500.

"I rent an apartment in one of the biggest high rises in Hollywood ($5,000 a month). I've been there 2½ years and I've upgraded to a bigger one," Boonstra told The Los Angeles Times. "I feel like I'm living the dream looking out my window and seeing the Hollywood signs."


Casey Boonstra Shaq house

Casey Boonstra attends Shaq's Fun House at Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall on February 11, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. ((Photo by Sarah Morris/WireImage))

On a recent night out, Boonstra partied in the owner's suite during a Beyoncé concert. She often frequents high-end restaurants such as Catch and Madera. She also does personal training three times a week, stunt training two times a week, and yoga at Equinox, which runs over $1,000 a month total.

When asked what is something that is always worth splurging on, Boonstra said flying business class.

"If I'm flying 14 hours to Australia, I'm gonna fly business [typically $6,000 to $8,000 round trip]. I want to wake up there fresh and ready to see my nieces, my family. Coming up, I'm taking my mom to Egypt with my best friend and her mom," she said.

But the most significant recurring cost for Boonstra is almost certainly keeping up with her hair growth journey. She owns a handful of expensive wigs (2,000 each) and has done three platelet-rich plasma treatments, where a person's blood is injected with plasma back into their scalp. Each session runs $1,500.

Desiree Schlotz was early to the OnlyFans craze, initially starting in 2017 while living in Minnesota. However, the earnings were originally low, with the model pulling in $10,000 a year.


Desiree Schlotz

Model Desiree Schlotz attends the 5th Annual "Babes In Toyland: Support Our Troops" Charity Event Benefiting "For The Troops" at Avalon Hollywood & Bardot on August 05, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.  ((Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images))

It wasn't until she relaunched her account in 2020 that she began to see business pick up. Today, the 26-year-old makes seven figures annually on the platform.

After finding success, Schlotz wanted to upgrade from the cramped apartment she shared with her cousins. She initially rented a two-bedroom, three-bathroom apartment on the border of Beverly Hills, which she leased for $6,000 a month.

However, her dream is to own a small cottage with a large yard where she can grow food and care for her dogs.

Transportation for Schlotz has been met with a large upgrade since 2017. In 2020, she purchased a brand-new BMW 2 series, which Schlotz recently traded in for the 2023 BMW X3.

She often frequents Coffee Tomo on Sawtelle or out with friends for a cocktail hour at the Fleur Room, a lounge from the famous Tao hospitality group.

Schlotz works out three or four times a week and has a trainer at RPT in Beverly Hills ($200 a session). She also just transferred her gym membership from Equinox to Heimat $350 a month), a members-only luxury fitness club in Los Angeles.

She admitted that her accountant had asked her to calm down on her frequent trips around the world. With her swimwear brand, Celestial Swim, Schlotz rented a villa in Tulum, Mexico, for models and influencers to produce content for the brand ($12,000).

Schlotz also gets chemical peel treatments ($1,500) and monthly facials ($500) from Artisan of Skin, a high-end medical spa with patients such as Haley Bieber and the Kardashians.

Former "Too Hot to Handle" star Carly Lawrence is also now part of the OnlyFans entourage.

"OnlyFans made me much more than the brand deals. I know girls who are influencers, and when I heard about their financials, it makes me sad," she said. "I'm always like 'just make an OnlyFans.'"


Carly Lawrence and friends

(L-R) Zay Wilson, Emily Faye Miller, Francesca Farago and Carly Sutherland Lawrence attend Oh Polly's Ultimate Launch Party for their All-New collection with Netflix's Too Hot To Handle Star, Emily Faye Miller on July 13, 2022 at a private residence in Los Angeles, California.  ((Photo by Araya Doheny/Getty Images for Oh Polly))

After raking in substantial cash, Lawrence first splurged on a blue Christian Dior saddle bag ($5,590). Unfortunately, she only got to wear it for a week after her entire house in the Valley was robbed.

"Now my new living situation is a splurge," she said.

Lawrence currently rents a two-bedroom high-rise apartment in West Hollywood ($6,000 a month) with a steam room and sauna. She would love to buy a house, but only if it is gated.

The OnlyFans model often cooks from home every night, but when she does go out with friends, she likes to visit Catch, BOA, Catch Steak, as well as Barney's and Beanery.

She typically grabs groceries from Pavilion or Whole Foods and goes to Carrie's Pilates Plus in West Hollywood. After getting sober, Lawrence said she works out rigorously in her apartment gym and has dropped her personal trainer.


"I live in my head like I'm broke. That's what keeps me saving money. If I live lavishly, I will spend all my money. I have such an addictive personality; I will spend all of my money. But I do go and splurge on heels, which I'll probably only wear once a month," she said.

As OnlyFans grows in popularity, the platform, and the money that creators are able to make on it, have served as a point of contention, with proponents arguing it is a way for women to monetize online content, while others argue the sexually explicit platform is degrading or taboo.

OnlyFans customers pay for access to "exclusive" content they won't find on other social media platforms. It has drawn attention as it's frequently sexual in nature, and features everything from nude images and pornographic videos to scantily clad women cooking and doing Yoga.

Fox News' Brian Flood contributed to this report.